In a one-to-one tuition service based in Stanmore.

 I have over 20 years of experience in playing, performing and teaching these instruments. Playing an instrument should be enjoyable and have a fulfilling experience. 
I can teach from beginners to an advanced level. 
I have a very good passion to music therefore, I can adapt to any style that you would like. I am a fully qualified teacher, who is able to bring children to a higher standard. I can prepare students for exam grades. I also encourage students to reach their full potential. As each individual is different.

 I strongly adapt each lesson to their needs and requirements. For younger children, instruments can encourage them and help them to concentrate. I now teach all lessons in Stanmore area and I can adjust and fix the perfect times for you! 

What we offer

Quality Lessons

We deliver high quality music lessons for children and young people of all sorts

1 to 1

Individual Lessons allow pupils to have the opportunity to have a 1 to 1 session

Grouped lessons

Allows children to begin learning as part of a whole class, with a number of students


Preparation for exams

Flexible Timings

Suitable timing for lessons

All Levels

Tutoring beginners to an advanced level

Instrumental lessons that we provide:


Why Learning an instrument is a sense of achievement?

success and achievement

If you are just beginning to play a piece on an instrument it can be frustrating but once you have taken it into hand and fully mastered it, the satisfaction you will feel is unlimited. Playing an instrument is not only for success and achievement but it allows people to relax and put their mind into the music and nothing else. It gives a feeling of peace as well as happiness to loosen your mind to a piece of music. 

Playing an instrument can benefit your child

Many studies have conducted the effects of music to the brain. Music not only gives a feeling of pleasure but also strengthens your brain academically. Scientists believe that those who are exposed to music or those who play an instrument constantly do better in school. 

It is fun

Of course playing an instrument is hard work and time consuming however there is no denying it is fun! Opportunities will arise and you could share your newly discovered skills to family and friends. Music can also open up doors to great careers in the future.


We are preparing for Music Exams Trinity college and Royal College (ABRS). Guitar and Drums kit for Rock School. 

Trinity college Local Examination Centre : 

44969 Representative Mr. K. Kangainathan 

130 Tauntun Way, Stanmore HA7 1DG. 

PRM Institute of Music