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Priyaraagankal music competition

The Priyaraagankal Music Competition was founded in 2004 by Mr K.Kangainathan, who is a musician and known as the master of many instruments. He inspired many youngsters to become professions. He is the pioneer music composer taking Tamil kids from eastern to western music. Taking part in Priyaraagankal is often the initial experience of an international competition for our young contestants.

Taking part in Priyaraagankal is a great opportunity for youngsters to show their skills and experience being part of an international competition. Our mission is to make this event enjoyable and memorable to all the participants and viewers. This competition will elevate participants to a higher standard and lead them to a path full of success. It seeks to encourage more young musicians to perform and grow. We believe this competition offers many benefits to participants and helps to build their confidence and achieve their dreams. Priyaraagankal is open to any participants from the age rate, six years and above. . The application materials must be postmarked no later than March 31st 2014.