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K Kangainathan

I am Mr Kangainathan when i was in India in the early nineties I learnt western music and keyboard from Vellur Deva and Mr Acadumainm. In Chennai I learnt keyboard from Cineworld famous trumpet pooch. I established my keyboard classes in Chennai and now in the U.K.

Now I formed own music group called Priya Rythms and started my own music institute called PRM Institute of music and teaches western keyboard. I am a professional music composer and a Tamil film music composer.


When i was in India I worked with many famous music directors and composers. Music Competition. The Priyaraagankal Music Competition was founded in 2004 by Mr K.Kangainathan, who is a musician and known as the master of many instruments. He inspired many youngsters to become professions. He is the pioneer music composer taking Tamil kids from eastern to western music. Taking part in Priyaraagankal is often the initial experience of an international competition for our young contestants.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to make this experience enjoyable and memorable. Priyaraagankal is designed for young musicians, singers and dancers on the path to a successful career. We invite all talented youngsters to demonstrate their potential during the Season. 

This competition will offer a golden opportunity for participants to show their unique talents. This competition is as promoting their talents and encourages them to perform. 

We believe the program offers many benefits to participants and helps to build their confidence. Our success and reputation as one of the best competitions can be allocated to several factors such as friendly staff, highly qualified judges, a renowned recital stage and talented participants.

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